Thursday, July 02, 2009

50 Posts in 50 Days #19, I surrender!

Canadian Girl (white flag)
12 x 12 inches, acrylic on canvas

It seems I've fallen behind in the daily posting, but things have gotten complicated around here, my usual faith in people is being dismantled like a lego wall, brick by bright and shining brick. So today and for the next few days I will be here at the easel getting caught up on finishing work and trying to maintain my lego like confidence in the human race.

I recently purchased, "Star Power" which is a collection of 20 old films on DVD, the above piece was finished while watching the Frank Sinatra Classic, "The Man with the Golden Arm" this was back in the days of film when a guy could be named, "Frank ie Machine" and no one thought it was strange. Here are just two quick things to look for in the film, the performance of Kim Novak as "Molly" oh Golly, she's a vision and of course easy to run to when Machine "the Dealer" finally turns his back on his cloying and annoying wife Zosch. Comedic actor Arnold Stang kills it as "Sparrow" Frankie's right hand man servant, who gets all the great idiot savant lines, think of him as a dirtier, faster , street wise version of Dustin Hoffman in "Rain Man". Finally Ol' Blue Eyes strikes at our very hearts with a modern dance piece where he is going through withdrawl and flips and rolls around a hotel room that he's locked into, unfortunately it is so choreographed that it looks like some of the modern dance I saw in my student days at York University. The Bernstein score is fantastic.

A.S Hahn

Get to the Fringe Festival!

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