Tuesday, June 30, 2009

50 Posts in 50 Days #18, EAR SLAUGHTER!

Meant to get this up yesterday, but just didn't have the time (lots to do around here). Murder Squad are going on tour folks, and not just any tour, the Ear Slaughter Tour! Phone call goes something like this,
"Hey Shay, it's Murder Mike, I meant to ask you yesterday when I saw you but I forgot (musicians) and I know it's short notice but can you do a poster ?"
"Of course man Id' love t- "
"Great! Okay, what I need you to do is the skull faced cat guy you designed (see above and in Tshirt tags) smashing a guys head in with a Flying V Guitar, cuz the tour is called Ear Slaughter"
"Okay, I'll get it to you on Mon-"
And here it is, I don't have the finished artwork, I added lots more chains and shading to the figure, tried to push the high contrast, what looks great is that the dreadlocks seem to turn into chains. You know why this is so damn cool ? I'll tell you, this is my Eddie, (Iron Maiden's mascot, c'mon people) this guy up here who is quickly becoming a way to identify , Murder Squad by TShirt and Poster is my design and he's evolving as Eddie evolves, I'll probably do another couple of drawings of him for the band for that same reason. This will also be a TShirt, not sure when the printing will get done, but I'll post a photo of my Mom wearing one soon.
Expect a couple of posts today, things are nearing completion

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