Thursday, July 02, 2009

50 posts #22, more Book Thievery

The Book Thief 3, The Book Thief 4
acrylic on canvas, 12 x 12 inches
If these posts seem to be coming quickly all of these pieces that I posted today were begun on the weekend, it's only now that I get to finish them and there are three more works to come which I can hopefully finish by Saturday.
"Love is Forever" was a made for TV film starring Michael Landon as a photojournalist secretly sending articles on abuse by the Laotian Gov't to Western news agencies, he is caught, forced to leave but decides to return to rescue the woman he loves. Who goes with him even though her family will no doubt be killed, the actress who played her used to work in porn, so they changed her name so know one would now - thank you IDb.
This film looks almost rotoscoped the transfer is so horrific, it also stars the guy who played "the Equalizer" , Edward Woodward, as his friend who teaches him how to scuba dive and Priscilla Presley - what her role is in this film I can't tell you, she's just around for ten minutes of it or so.
The villain is played by Jurgen Prochnow, who has played this role in many other films, he wants Michael Landon dead, so they go into a ring in front of thousands and kick box each other - no joke.

The next film was,"Project Kill" starring Leslie Nielson as a Jason Bourne type leader of a ring of Gov't assassins who takes off to get out of the life and they chase him down and....kill him, yes, they kill him, the lead dies in probably the first, "Blow to the nose cartilage into the brain" action ever done in Western film.
Leslie used to be a serious actor (this film works both as action and a comedy- though clearly not planned by the film makers) Leslie can incapacitate two guys at once with a double Karate chop (amazing.) and spends every minute of the film, when he isn't fighting looking off into the distance at something we can't see ( inner peace, lunch table).
This film also has "mystical mind control music" because the assassins of "Project Kill" are all on injections that make them slaves to the Gov't and if they go off them they go crazy and make Naked Gun films.
These are the early days of action films had karate sequences without anyone actually knowing Karate, every woman you met wanted to bone you and instantly falls in love after a night in the sack and men in polyester slacks were dangerous to know.
A.S Hahn

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