Friday, July 03, 2009

50 Posts #23, Thomas Pynchon - weekend sale

Cover Illustration for Thomas Pynchon's "V" by Mark Penberthy, 1990.

The above is the cover of Thomas Pynchon's "V" one of my favourite books, I used to read it every summer along with,"To Kill A Mockingbird" but haven't touched it in about five years, it's time to get back into that habit. I posted the cover to compare it against the work that I've been doing since, "A Field Story" and "Silver" up until now. I hadn't thought of the book in a couple of years, even though it was sitting almost directly in front of my easel in the book shelf. There is something about the simplicity of the cover, the pose, light and application - it's left a great impression on my work. Ages ago I'd titled a painting, "The Whole Sick Crew" I never finished that piece, maybe I'll try it this weekend once I shake this cold out of my head.
Also for the weekend ALL of the Above 12 x 12's are on sale for $100.00 each unframed, instead of the usual $120.00
Will be posting more movies reviews tomorrow, Sissy Spacek in "Katherine" and maybe one more if I can stay up long enough tonight to finish it, it's something about F.Scott Fitzgerald.
We are down at Grateful Head, thank you so much Lysa Fina, we will be hung at Fleur De Lis next Tues. I believe, stay tuned for informations abouts thats.
A.S Hahn

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