Saturday, June 25, 2011

Any How Town is where it's at folks

After today for those who are interested in what I'm up to besides painting please join me over on the "Any How Town" blog (see links) it's the resource/research for a book I'm writing that began as a graphic novel and has morphed into something alot more fun (I don't mean GN's aren't fun, I buy them all the time, it's just I'd have to do the whole thing myself, write it, draw it AND ink it and it would never be done). 
 I will be posting some commissioned work but I am taking the summer to get AHT going, this is a place for folks of all ages, you can read some posts to your kids, show them the goofy models I've been making and sketches of folks who live in the town, email me there questions about certain people etc. and I'll be sure to write back.
 Hope to see you at the Cameron House today from 5-8pm the show comes down July 1rst, so the LAST day is the 30th, I will update here if any work sells today so you know what is still available if you can't make it down. It's also okay to buy directly in cash from the bar staff, ATM on site.
cheers, would love to hear from you
A.Shay Hahn

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