Thursday, June 30, 2011

The New Studio is almost set up, The Royal Families is moving

I'm almost finished setting up the new studio, but thought I'd take a break to write to you and play some Half Life 2 on the old (old) xbox, there are only a few bibs and bobs left to do and I'm pretty excited about the layout and getting back to work after a month of taking it easy. As you can see in the corner I've set up a dedicated aread for building and shooting Any How Town.
Today is the last day to see "the Royal Families" at the Cameron House, but hey Corin Raymond is playing from 6-8pm so why not take this time to head down there.
 I'm taking the show down tomorrow and moving selected pieces from The Royal Families and a bunch of older work to the Press Club (850 Dundas West) for the month of July. I am discounting a few of the paintings, because there just isn't as much room here to store them all and I refuse to move them to the East End, I'll be posting photos of what is at the Press Club and which works are slightly reduced in price.
enjoy the sun,
A.Shay Hahn

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