Thursday, June 23, 2011

A.Shay Hahn's "The Royal Families" at the Cameron House, Closing Reception

It's the end of an era and a start to something new and wonderful as I finish packing up my studio in the West End and moving to the East End, it's been a great four years here and I really feel that I came into my own working in the space day in and day out. Almost everything has been moved except these two big "coffins" which I've used as easels/painting and supply storage for a number of years, once they get set up I'll really know that I have moved.

I'd like to remind you to come on out this Saturday, June 25th from 5-8pm to the Cameron House for the closing party of "The Royal Families" music will be supplied by Little Jimmy's Chicken Pickers, it would be great to see you there, the show is up at the Cameron until the 30th of June and you can see the work if you just scroll down the blog. Also if you want to go by early Corin Raymond and the Sundowners are playing the front room today and they are not to be missed, yes, I say that alot about the bands in the front room of the Cameron but I do so with good reason, they are some of the best this city has to offer.

A.Shay Hahn

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