Sunday, November 08, 2009

more cups...

A Cup of Crows, Commission
A Cup of Falcons,
both 12 x 12 inches, acrylic on canvas

I've been fighting the beginnings of a flu virus for the past couple of days, this is no great shock, I've been working extremely hard on getting a certain number of pieces ready for the show at the Press Club. I have to have at least twenty more than I'm going to hang, and since work is selling at an extremely gratifying pace it is no surprise that my body decided to rebel a little bit.

I have been able to balance things pretty well, commissions and sales and new work are being carefully tracked on paper (paper that is scattered, taped, and posted all over the studio) and looking at my social schedule I'm pretty sure that I will have to vanish entirely for the next two weeks just to get things to a level that I'm happy with. I should probably just have myself bricked into the studio (with several casks of Amontillado and Vitamin C) until the 28 th of November.

"the Wideawake Man" at the Press Club, Opening Reception, Saturday Dec.5th 7-10pm


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