Friday, August 16, 2013

Studio Assistants, World View and the Amazing Spider Man

I bought four 30x30's awhile ago and some 30x40's I was in the mood to do some large work, but I didn't ever start anything, they have been sitting in the studio for months, with the show coming in November I figured that it was time to get back to them. I've always loved the two "World View" or globe pieces that I painted two or three years ago and wanted to do something new with them, as luck would have it I was asked by musician Jason Chesworth if he could use the above "the Painter's Assistants" for a digital ep he was releasing on band camp with some of the proceeds going to the Actor's Fund of Canada, we have many mutual friends from theatre so I figured why not, here's a link to the ep, check it out. 
The top photo is my dog, who spent most of the day sleeping under my chair in the studio, it was hard not to move around too much and disturb him, but I managed it.
I've had two films playing today, the first, Men In Black 3 was fine if you like the series, I thought Josh Brolin did a great Tommy Lee Jones impersonation and of course enjoyed the supporting role by the brother from Orange Is the New Black,( I'm sorry Sir I don't have time to google your name), the movie itself wasn't that engaging, it followed the MIB formula to the letter with just certain plot changes (time travel! which they did nothing with) and a different villain, the very talented whatshisname from Flight of the Conchords, if you listen you'll hear him under the makeup.
I'm just winding up watching the Amazing Spiderman, the best choice they made was to keep Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone riffing together, they're great as Peter and Gwen Stacey, and of course it was great to see Dennis Leary and Martin Sheen but at two hours twenty minutes, it's way too long and because of this fact has no forward momentum what so ever.
It was very nice to see that Spider Man was created by Stan Lee AND Steve Ditko, because he was, two men created this great character, read all about it in the wonderful "Marvel Comics the Untold Story" by Sean Howe.
Alright back to it,
A.Shay Hahn

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