Sunday, August 18, 2013

Flying hats, Chernobyl and Final Destinations

Working away down in the basement on a beautiful Sunday with on On Demand to keep me company and what poor company it is. I watch a lot of horror films, I love'em to bits I can't help myself, today I watched "Chernobyl Diaries" which is not a horror film, not at all, it's supposed to be, but there isn't a single scary movie in the film. I did like the mutated fish, but that was all. Also, if I recall correctly there were only two lines of dialogue in the whole film that were repeated over and over, "We have to get outta here." and "Have you seen Chris." please do not approach this film thinking you'll have the least bit of fun, you will not.
You will however have a great and gory time watching "Final Destination V" this franchise knows how to have a laugh and each film actually gets more gory and more funny than the last, so definitely drive straight past Chernobyl to your Final Destination, see what I did there ?
Okay onto Goseph Jordan Lovitz riding a bike.
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