Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Jimmy Byron plays the Press Club this week!

I like nothing better than supporting my pals, one of my pals is Jimmy Byron who will be at The Press Club, SAT FEB 16th with  his band, the gig starts at 10pm. If you like blues and rockabilly you've got to head on over and check him out.
Here's a link to his fb page where you can hear some songs and see pics etc.
Canadian Girl, Baseball Furies, Ballad of the Karate Kid, Real Anchorwomen of St.Johns $160.00 each, Mariachi! $80.00, Prometheus $220.00, Marvin the Martian, Day of the Dead, Canadian Girl (Caesar), Siren $160.00 each, CALM dials UPDATE CALM DIALS ARE SOLD
You can also check out my dedicated wall of art and see wonderful photos of birds taken by Mr.Jack Breakfast himself!
Here's an idea why  not head to Porchetta for a fine sandwich and then go to the gig, it would be a lovely Valentine's Date Night on Dundas!
thank me now or thank me later,
A.Shay Hahn

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