Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Last Charge of The One Man Band

Last Charge of the One Man Band
20x20inches,acrylic on canvas
for the show "popular/mechanics" at the Cameron house in November.
Show goes up Oct. 30th, Reception Nov. 17th (new date!) — at The Cameron House.

This piece actually began as a bit of poetry/song liyric that I was writing in the car on the way to Ottawa -
"There he goes, the one man band, the loneliest man I know, blowin' a horn and banging the drum and shouting, I'm the loneliest man I know. No don't pity him, oh no don't you pity him. The last man standing was the one man band."  I know alot of musicians, I've seen alot of solo acoustic perfomers - I figure that's how this wormed it's way into my head. It may have even been a plan to do a piece like this for "Silver" (see sidebar labels) and I never got around to it. Regardless, here he is.
 Also the Reception for the show is Saturday the 24th of November, 4-7pm at the Cameron House
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