Friday, October 19, 2012

Cameron House News

There's a whole bunch of great music coming up at the Cameron House and you'd be a fool to miss it, Devin Cuddy (seen above today on Breakfast Television is having two shows for his CD release. The Rattlesnake Choir are releasing their vinyl "Walking On A Wire" and Whitney Rose has her CD release coming up, all the dates and times can be found here at the Cameron House Records Link
there are videos to watch and you can also order your own "Cameron House Records" Tshirt as seen on the drummer in the above pic and designed by yours truly.
Also Tony Benattar's (of Rattlesnake Choir and The Cameron Family Singers) has his annual "Pop Goes the Cowboy" boot show (with paintings by Ed Adler) up right now until the 29th of October and here's a link to check out his incredible boots and Ed's paintings, I myself have a pair of Killaz and they are the boss.
In a slight change of plan I will be hanging my show of paintings "popular/mechanics" at the Cameron House on the 30th of October so if you want to get the worm show up at 4pm to see the show before the work starts selling.
there's your news for the morning,
A.Shay Hahn


Jimmy said...

Hey Andrew, same time?

A.Shay Hahn said...

Hey Jimmy, I'll be hanging the show at 1pm and will hang around til around 5-6pm. The Reception has been moved to Sat. the 17th of Nov. from 4-7pm.

Jimmy said...

See you on the 17th