Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rescue Dogs, from the archives

Rescue Dogs Fire Axe, Deep Sea Diver, Scuba Gear
11x14inches, acrylic on canvas,framed
$140.00 each/ $400.00 set of 3
While taking breaks from writing Any How Town I'm cataloguing some of the work that I still have here in the studio that you may not have seen. All work is available for purchase by contacting me at the address below and all funds go to the Any How Town project.
I will be taking down the show at Cowbell Bistro today, many thanks to Mark Cutrara and the staff for hosting my work there for the past two months, I love the place, you have to eat there sometime if you haven't already and if you have, go back for more.
A.Shay Hahn 
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