Sunday, July 03, 2011

The Royal Families and others, at the Press Club, July 2011

Press Club, July 2011 East wall
Artemis, Propellor $160.00 each
Robot $240.00
Orange II $240.00
Pilots $240.00 each (I think, could be $220.00
 Press Club July 2011, West wall

The Night Tree $260.00, The Fire Watcher $260.00 (i think), Piano (new big oceans) $240.00

Press Club, July 2011- West wall
A Brave Choice, Life Jacket, Fireflies, Violin, Sledghammer I, Sledgehammer II, Pitchfork I, Sail Boats, The Duel, Pitchfork II
from the Royal Families $160.00 each

Press Club, July 2011 East Wall

Mariachi, Red Devils, Deep Sea Diver, etc $80.00 each
Pram, Pitcfork III, The Hunting Party, Drum $160.00 each
Press Club, July 2011 Back wall
Deep Sea Diver $200.00
Lady with Two Axes $140.00
Fox/Crow $40.00 each
Rescue Dog $140.00
A Cup of Crows, Trumpet $160.00 each


Press Club, July 2011- East wall

Pilot, Pickaxe, Axe $160.00 each Grapefruit, Deep Sea Diver w/Gretsch $240.00 each
Press Club, July 2011 back wall
The White Glove Test $180.00
Man with Hammer $200.00
Woman with Two Axes $180.00
Rescue Dog $140.00
The Falconer $200.00 (i think, could be $180.00)
Rescue Dog $140.00


Okay, here's the show at the Press Club for the month of July, the Press Club is located at 850 Dundas West, between Euclid and Manning on the North Side of the street across from the great Cafe Brassiliano. They are usually open by 6pm, 7 days a week and have a kick ass back patio. As you can  see some of the work has been lowered in price, this is not because I think the work is weak, I would've gladly kept it at the original  price. I just don't want to move it to the East End, the new studio is pretty full as it is and more work would just upset the fine balance that I've established. So I pass these savings onto you. Of course at the end of July I have to move it back to the East End and prices will return to normal. SO take advantage of this one time offer now!
 And have a HAPPY PRIDE!
A.Shay Hahn

and if this post looks crazy, blame Blogger, I have no patience for their crappy formatting.

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