Friday, July 15, 2011

Oh where oh where have you been ?

Sorry if I haven't been around "the mad craft shoppe" for awhile, but I've been in Any How Town for the past two weeks (see links, Any How Town, and click!). I've been writing steadily and things are going very, very well. It's been two years in the making but I am finally buckling down to finish the first two books (no longer graphic novels, but illustrated books) of the series, of which there large and messy plots for SEVEN books, you can read all the news at the other blog. I've been trying to write 25 pages a day longhand, and although I've fallen short a few times, it's a reasonable goal as my handwriting is quite large.

 My show is still up at the Press Club (850 Dundas West) they open around 6pm and you have to get to their back patio and sit under the shade of the pear tree and the grape vines, it's a wonderful urban oasis, but if people watching is your thing, well, stare at the person you're with. The show is up for the month of July, not sure about August, and there is a photo tour at a post below. I would love it if you came and checked out the show, it looks great, and I'm trying to fund my continued writing of this series with sales from the show. Also PRESS FEST III is next week starting Thursday, bands will be playing all day and all night for three days, check their fb page "the Press Club" for the line up.

 I do have a couple of commissions that I'll be doing next week and hopefully some extended news about doing the design for another cd/album - a job that I really enjoy, but truth be told, it's been impossible to get away from writing - I love it, its a great change. I wrote some plays in the early 2000's and forgot the fun (yes, I said fun) of making characters speak, joke, argue and dispatch all manner of threats together.

 I'd also like to thank those who read this blog in Toronto, via "networked blogs" on fb, where the mad craft shoppe is ranked #44, please continue following along, I really appreciate it.

 all the best, hit the Fringe this weekend, it ends on Sunday.
 A.Shay Hahn

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