Saturday, April 16, 2011

So yesterday went a little like this... (picto diary)

That's the damn trick with these blowing clothes and a centered hat rack, the figure still has to command the picture, it can't appear to be blowing right out of it. So, like my note yesterday I added the dress as a second figure to try to counter the balance, no dice Jimbo, we have to move the whole figure over and make sure it still sits properly on one of the hooks. Looks much better.

The wind sounds absolutely insane out there as I make preparations to go to Record Store Day with my best girl and start moving stuff into my new studio (oh ho ? what's this ?). My fortune says that today I could come into some money, but I will probably spend it immediately, this is true, there are lots of things that I need right now for the studio, a big glob of new paints, I have some great concepts for some larger 20x20 work that I'd like to do and of course a new camera, one that I can properly start shooting Any How Town with, so head on out to Cowbell tonight (be sure to get a reservation first) or head on over to The Press Club (850 Dundas West, the street they love to tear up) and see my work, commission something, etc.

all the best, keep your feet dry Canada

A.Shay Hahn

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