Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The Press Club, April 5th 2011

Woman with Two Axes (short hair) $180.00, Fox/ Crow $40.00 each, Man with Hammer $180.00, Woman with Two Axes (blonde hair) $180.00, Fox with Fiddle $180.00, Mariachi with Maracas $80.00, Woman with Two Axes $140.00, Woman with an Axe $140.00, A Cup of Crows $140.00, A Quiet Place$ 140.oo

Here's a shot of what's on my dedicated wall at the Press Club and to folks I've been emailing about work from the Cameron House, you can see it if you scroll down on the blog, and please get back to me as I will be moving some work to the great Cowbell restaurant, if you'd like the work before it goes there that would be wise, I hang the show on the 1oth so holler at me this week.

Check it out,

A.Shay Hahn

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