Monday, January 03, 2011

Last Year's Resolutions...oh those, right.

Instead of making a bunch of new resolutions, here is the follow up on my super smart resolutions from last year....
1. Buy a ukelele, perhaps learn to play it (record ep):
Despite the good natured reminders from my friend K.Hudson, I did not buy a ukelele and learn to play it, I think building models filled that "new hobby" part of my brain.
2. Dig out Spanish Language Cd Rom and get back at it:
"This is the resolution that I drop every year, I say I'll do it and then I don't, hopefully this year, since I spend so much time "listening" to movies, I'll be able to get back into learning Spanish." That's what I said last year, I'm obviously never going to teach myself Spanish, it's a CD-Rom for god's sake, who even uses those any more ?
3. Reduce Smoking 50% by April:
My smoking has not increased, I'm pretty sure it's gone done a bit, not too much but some.
4. Go to Montreal for the weekend.
Had plans to do this,completely forgot,we were also going to go to the Finger Lakes,we are going to Cuba in March and I resolve to add another vacation in the Spring.
5. Finish One of Three Illustrated Books for Children: I am committed to getting three of them finished and published by the time I'm Forty.
All the notes and rough sketches are done, I still have some time to achieve this goal and I will
6.Buy More Plants:
We did, they died,moving on...
7.Reduce Clothes, DVD's and Books by 30% by the Spring:
This is no problem, I've given away three boxes full of DVDs and a bags of clothes to the Scott Mission,this spring I will work on the CD's and Books, Idon't know if I want tohave a garage sale, I don't mind just giving the stuff away.
8.Spend More Time with My Friends Children:
9.DON'T Explain/Apologize for the shitty habits of others.
so there you go, come back soon I am finishing a couple of NEW paintings to hang at the Wilson 96 for a Group Showing, I'll post pics here on Tuesday. New boards on the easel, new warm up canvases ready, 2011, let's make some money.
A.Shay Hahn
P.S Art is still up at Mitzi's Sister and my show at the Press Club is up until the end of February,I have to post an update photo soon as lots of stuff has been changed and moved around,I'll do that later this eve.

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