Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The Press Club, East Wall

Top to bottom, Morning SOLD (Replaced with, "A Cup of Crows" $160.00) , Morning II SOLD the Invisible Men SOLD Dress (Julie Andrews without Julie Andrews )SOLD

Fox with Fiddle $180.00, Fall Fashions (skeletons) STOLEN, Crow with Drum $180.00, Pilot SOLD (replaced with "Man with Hammer" $220.00)

Orange Two SOLD (replaced with Man with Hammer II SOLD), Grapefruit $260.00, the Night Tree $340.00

Lady with an Axe $220.00, Pencils (Blonde Chignon) SOLD, Prometheus $260.00, Canadian Girl $180.00

Yes, kind of pain to not have new photos of the current work that is hanging, but I will get to it eventually, if you scroll down to the Wilson 96 (or click the label) you should be able to see the paintings that I have replaced the "SOLD" work with.

A.Shay Hahn

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