Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The Press Club, back wall

All 6 x6 framed pieces Crows, Snakes, Foxes etc. are $40.00 each. Fox SOLD, Snake SOLD, Some Crows SOLD.A Quiet Place to Call My Own $160.00, Deep Sea Diver $220.00, Deep Sea Diver $220.00
Piano (New Big Oceans) $260.00, 6x6's $40.00 each, Goon I & Goon II SOLD Deep Sea Diver SOLD Baseball Goon $160.00
And here's the back wall, Goons can be ordered in the Team of your choice, the Jersey style will be chosen by me to fit the painting, Deep Sea Divers can be ordered playing any instrument you like except the Saxophone because that would look ridiculous.
A.Shay Hahn

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