Saturday, December 18, 2010

Location, Location, Location, where to find me...

Where you can see my work in Toronto, and where you can find me online...

SALE at Mitzi's Sister, December 15th - January 15th
Okay for those of you who dont' know, Mitzi's Sister is located deep in Parkdale at 1554 Queen Street West. it's West of Lansdowne, but not that far West, it's on the North side of the street and opens at 4pm. Monday it's $3.00 bottles and half price nachos, I think kids eat free for a short time on Wednesdays here's a link to their website.

(50) Paintings at the Press Club, December 1rst- February 28th
The Press Club is located at 850 Dundas West, which is West of Bathurst, between Euclid and Manning on the North side of the street they open at 7pm most nights, live music begins around 10pm.

It is perfectly all right to buy work from the bartenders at either location, provided that you pay cash. I make a superior effort to meet with people when they are buying work, but I know it can't always happen with these busy holiday shopping days, so it's okay, just ask the bartender. I do not reserve work, due to folks in the past standing me up or changing their mind, you have to be there to get it.

If you are interested in the Alphabet Kids letters that I do you can click on this link to go to that blog

If you want to check out Any How Town, which is the dumping area for my models, sketches and character portraits for the graphic novel/comic book stuff I hope to get around to finishing some day click here.
I'm also on tumblr, but I usually add a link to come here, I think I'm "madcraftshoppe" on Tumblr, I can't remember what my Twitter thingy is I just link in from this blog and add posts that take you to this blog, so it's a pretty closed loop.
And of course you can find me on Facebook at the group, "the mad craft shoppe"
So, for those new to the area, here's my stuff, hope you enjoy it,
A.Shay Hahn
and finally all email transfers/ requests/ compliments/ etc. are sent here

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