Monday, May 03, 2010

A Tour of The Cameron House, post show May 3rd

The Log Driver's Waltz SOLDCanadian Girl at the Breakwater SOLD
The Night Tree (red books) II SOLD

A Quiet Place to Call My Own SOLDDeep Sea Diver with Banjo $240.00
Girl with a Drum, The Last Band $160.00, Woman with wings $240.0,
Girls Carrying Birdhouses $180.00, Man with Hammer, black shorts $180.00
Lady with an Axe, black dress SOLD

Lady with an Axe IV $180.00, Lady with an Axe, black dress SOLD
The Book Thief $160.00,A Cup of Crows SOLD, A Quiet Place to Call My Own $160.00
Coffee Dogs SOLD, The White Rowboat I $400.00, The White Rowboat II $400.00

Deep Sea Diver with Accordion SOLD,The Dog Who Got Drunk and thought he was a lion SOLD
The Painter's Assistants $1000.00, Deep Sea Diver with Moon $280.00, The Night Sheperd $160.00

Lady with an Axe, blonde hair $280.00,Lady with Lanterns, $280.00
Waiting for the Lake to Freeze $280.00,Man with a Hammer, white shirt $180.00
Lady with an Axe, red hair $180.00,The Night Tree $340.00

There are a couple of photos missing but I think this gives a good idea of just how great the show looks in the Cameron House. I planned it out to the inch and it paid off, the work is grouped perfectly. I am pretty tired today and just working on a couple of kids letters (see tag:the alphabet shoppe) that I need to deliver tomorrow, but it's a slow day and I don't feel half as rushed as I have for the past three weeks.
People really love the show, they also really love the music of Ron Leary, who, with Dean Drouillard and Wes Neall, gave us great songs to go along with a wonderful evening. I am always touched that people come out for these events, they bring their kids, we get caught up, have a few laughs and warm up a room, these days people are spread pretty thin, with jobs, commitments etc. It means a great deal to me that they come.
Of course the only thing that seems strange is how "naked" the 16 x 20 pieces look beside their framed, smaller friends. I'm going into the shop tomorrow and Wednesday to build about 20 more frames, so I'll probably frame the 16 x 20's you see above, raise the price by $40.00 and sell them instantly. I'd said a few posts back how sick I am of building them, but really, I made my bed so I may as well lie in it.
The show is up until the end of the month, if there is something you like, it's time to buy. If you would like to commission a piece, holler at me here.
thanks again to Cosmo Ferraro, Cindy Matthews, The Cameron House, Ron Leary, J.Brown, R.N McDougall, D.J Morum, F.Kean and all the folks who came out.
A.Shay Hahn

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