Monday, May 10, 2010

High Park Alternative School

On Friday I was invited to speak to kids at the High Park Alternative School, a really great event that was put together by parents of students there. Professional artists of every stripe, dancers, harmonica players (Jerome Godboo! Oh Yeah!), choir leaders (Daryl Huggins! Oh YEAH!), visual artists (people with lots of time in the afteroon, ME! Oh YEAH!) were brought in to speak and answer questions, show their work,demonstrate techniques etc,etc. for the youth.
I had a great time with the kids, the only thing I had a problem with was that I was not used to talking for three and a half hours straight, now, if you know me you'd think, "But when we hang out, you don't shut up." Well, gentle reader, stand at the front of the class and talk for three hours straight, it's not like a conversation with the pauses and sips of coffee, the thinking etc. it's straight up talk and answer the question. This is something that I used to be good at, but since it's been awhile my skills were out of shape. I still had a fantastic time and sincerely thank the school and S.Bramer for inviting me.

New work has been put up at the Cameron House, I'm going to be there on Thursday from 5-7 pm, if you'd like to see the show and hang out. I will also be posting new work this week that will be replacing some things that have been sold. If you are purchasing a piece and picking it up Thursay, please let me know by TUESDAY. So I have something to fill the spot that you are vacating.

talk soon,

A.Shay Hahn

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