Sunday, April 25, 2010

Eight Days til Opening at the Cameron House

Girls Carrying Birdhouses,
12 x 16 inches, acrylic on canvas ,$180.00
Lady with an Axe (Black Dress), Lady with an Axe IV,
The Dog who got Drunk and thought he was a Lion,
The Night Shepherd,
11 x 14 inches, acrylic on canvas, $160.00

Lots of work to finish this week, several more posts coming your way, it is a beastly Sunday outdoors today so I will be inside, dry and waving brushes around like a madman.

Over on Facebook the Second Sunday challenge is under way and I'll be reporting on it either this evening (after 8pm) or tomorrow AM. As always I reccomend buying in advance if there is something that you like, no gurantees it will be there when the show is hung. Really, holler at me if there is something you want and you can pick it up this week.

A.Shay Hahn

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