Friday, April 23, 2010

About Axes (and a bit more about hair and colour)

Lady with an Axe (blonde hair)
16 x 20 inches, acrylic on canvas

Here are some comments about the "Lady with an Axe" that I collected on facebook, along with one that addresses both her and her hair colour.

They appeal to our ideals of beauty and horror at the same time?
Wed at 8:36am ·

in my case, i loooove chopping kindling because i feel powerful and productive: these women are the spirit of that.
Wed at 8:41am

there's a certain sense of empowerment behind women wielding tools, and that whole lizzy borden took and axe thing.... most of your fans are sick and twisted like you!
Wed at 11:57am ·

What am I? Friggin Camille Paglia over here?
Wed at 12:01pm ·

no SM, you just enjoy being intimidated by powerful/crazy women....thus the industry you work in!
Wed at 12:10pm ·

that 'splains it!
Wed at 12:16pm ·

Are the positive responses from men or women?
Wed at 1:05pm ·

Andrew Shay Hahn
the majority are from women, some men have commented how cool they think they are, but it's mostly women who are fans.
Wed at 1:14pm ·

it's the bum.
Wed at 5:01pm ·

I like that they wield axes but you still call them "ladies!" Probably wise.

S. E -this one. I like her black dress, it makes it a moodier piece to me than the girl in the white dress.Curious - you seem to paint a lot of blondes - stylistic choice or materials to hand? Just curious
Yesterday at 5:57am ·

Andrew Shay Hahn
I was just discussing that with someone (it will be on the blog soon) the choice of hair is simply what works best against the sky. The blonde hair pops more against this darker blue, black, brown background.
Yesterday at 6:00am ·

S.E -this is good to know. I am mollified. thanks baby!

thoughts ?

A.Shay Hahn

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