Friday, March 19, 2010

Things I'm Doing and Not Doing

Top Selene, Pilgrim with Lanterns,
Middle Pilgrim with Wings II,
Bottom Pilgrim with Wings I
each piece is 16 x 20 inches, acrylic on canvas

** * Current Pricing, this is new and important, early prices for the work $260.00 unframed, prices will go up at the Cameron House Show in May, so buy now, pay less, buy later, pay more***

I have settled on "Come On Pilgrim" as the title for the show at the Cameron House in May, yes it is another Pixie's song title, yes, Frank Black is excellent at naming things (see, "the Crazies" post below). Why did I choose the title ? This I can answer, it's a new way of looking at these people who have been walking away from you since last June (see Tag, "Silver") , they are carrying things to a new place, they are transporting, light, wings etc. to another land, they are taking the most simple and important things and bringing them with them. I had started to do a piece with a suitcase full of trees, but it is giving me a Heck of a time, have to come back to it.

I have begun, slowly, to raise my prices, I did mention this a few posts ago, so what I'm doing is for the rest of this month, prices will be as listed here, and then start to go up, first the new work will have higher prices, any work that I display at functions will be price adjusted, so don't go by prices here if you're seeing the work somewhere else and finally when I hang the show in May I assume that I'll be bringing in some work from the Press Club Show, "the Wideawake Man" it will be price adjusted (^) then too, so the old prices of $120.00 for an unframed 12 x 12, $140.00 for a framed piece will be no longer available after this month. If you want anything at this price you must buy before the end of March. I need to make a living at this and have no choice, I sell a lot of work, I'd say I sell more "original" art (not prints or reproductions) than any other artist in this city (and I'm not exagerating, ask anyone) but I don't need to always feel like I'm a hustler. So take advantage while you can.

Here is a link to my current inspiration, Theatre Rusticle's, "Birnam Wood" all you need to know is there, this is why I have trees stuck in my head.

$10 performance of Birnam tonight, PWYC tomorrow @ 2:30, regular Friday. $10 and PWYC??!!

and here's a link to the Theatrefront site, Part Three of "The Mill" has begun, this part written by Tara Beagan, you may remember I donated a piece to their fundraising several months ago.
hope to hear from you, cheers
A.Shay Hahn

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