Thursday, March 04, 2010

Tern Art Supplies

Tern Art Supplies has closed it's doors and I'm going to miss them.
When I first moved down town to my Walnut Street studio building Tern was the only art store that I gave my business too. I loved the staff, David, Kathryn Bemrose, Michelle (Oh God I'm sorry your last name just slipped my mind) not only would I shop at Tern, but I'd hang out there, grab a coffee and spent some time chatting. Everyone was encouraging of my career and what I was up to, that was the Queen West that I loved, it was truly a neighbourhood.
Walking between Spadina and Trinity Bellwoods now the stretch of Queen seems so different, some businesses that I love are still there, Neurotica, The Fruit Market, The Done Right Inn, Rotate This,Squirrely's, but many are gone, empty store fronts and Cheque Cashing stores where there was once a more vibrant neighbour hood. The condos didn't help, the rents didn't help, the neighbourhood has moved West, people predicted this, but not to the extent to make this area look more like a slum.
I have more thoughts on this, but I find it's depressing to write them down.
Thank God they didn't raise the rent on the Park.


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Matthew Ellis said...

Shedding a tear as we speak