Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Current Press Club Layout

Press Club 850 Dundas
WestBack Wall (from L to R)
The Woman Who Slept III 12 x 12, SOLD
Save the bicycles!, 12 x 12 SOLD
The Woman Who Loved Her Piano, 12 x 12 $140.00
New Found Land Girl, 12 x 12, $140.00
The Woman Who Fell, 20 x 20 $400.00
This Lil Pig Had Good Luck, 8 x 10 $100.00
The Lil Pig Had None, 8x 10, $100.00
(Cont'd below)all work is framed in stained, reclaimed wood
West Wall, (from L to R)
The Man who Loved the Moon, 12 x 12 SOLD
The Woman Who Slept, 12 x 12 $140.00
A Quiet Place V, 12 x24 $340.00
A Quiet Place I 12 x 12 $140.00
Two Black Cats, 12 x12 SOLD
A Quiet Place II 12 x 12 $140.00
A Cup of Crows 12 x 12 SOLD
A Quiet Place III 12 x12 SOLD
The Wide Awake Man 12 x 12 $140.00
West Wall (from L to R)Starting with Largest Piece
Prometheus, 20 x 20 $400.00
The Wide Awake Man, Rooster 12 x 12 $140.00
The Woman Who Wrote, 12 x 24 SOLD
East Wall
An Angel for the Carpenters 12 x 24 $400.00
Artemis 12 x 12 $140.00
The Man Who Loved His Guitar 12 x 12 $140.00
The Woman who Loved Her Piano, 12 x 24 $340.00
Queen of Birds/ Red Houses, 12 x 12, SOLD
Thief of Books w/fox 12 x 12 $140.00
Woman Who Fell/ Little Black Books I 12 x 12 SOLD
Woman Who Fell II/ Little Black Books 12 x 12 $140.00
Queen of Birds II/ White Houses, 20 x 20 $400.00
The Angel Who Could Not Swim, 12 x 24 SOLD

Thanks to all who came to the Preview last night, it was alot of fun. The Opening Reception is Saturday, December 5th from 7-10pm, with the Sure Things as musical entertainment. It's gonna be a great time, so bring a friend, have some food and fine pints, hear the tunes and enjoy the work.

If you would like to reserve work contact me here, if you would like a personal appointment, please do the same. The Press Club Opens at 7pm, seven days a week and is located at 850 Dundas West, North Side, between Euclid and Manning, right across from Cafe Brasilliano and Musa.


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