Friday, October 09, 2009

Okay, this is working

Prometheus, (They asked her what she them brought them and she said, "Fire")
Athena (She decided to leave the suburbs) SOLD
12 x 12 inches, acrylic on canvas, $120.00

Right off the top here is a link to the Bright Eye's video for "Four Winds", no other song writer ever stood up to the Bush Administration or what the sick heart of America was starting to look like except Conor Oberst, (see his songs, "Landlocked Blues" that Bob Dylan said was one of the best songs he's heard in ten years, and Emmylou Harris sings on it" OR his band Desaparecidos) we seemed to forget pretty quickly when a bunch of D List actors and a horrible hip pop group did the "Yes We Can" video, but that's how desperate things had become, . Today they fire a rocket into the moon and a black president wins the Nobel Peace Prize, if this wasn't really happening I would classify the above statement as one of Paul Simon's more esoteric lyrics.

I don't often reccomend music, I think it's a cheese thing to do, so this is worth checking out. No pitchfork here (and on the Canadian side check out Ross Neilson and the Sufferin' Bastards)

Anyways, enough about me, and more about me,I am very happy with the two pieces above, they both capture the feeling that the strongest pieces in the "Silver" (see labels) shown at the Cameron House seemed to have, a great sense of mystery, violence and power. "Prometheus" was a sketch I did when I was painting "Poseidon" (see Silver) I thought they would be great companion pieces, but I was overloaded with sketches and never got to it, luckily I remembered and did this small version of the piece, I may do a larger version with a more dynamic pose. "Athena" was inspired by a story told to me by a friend who is living in Rochester, NY it was a story of the suburbs that I'm sure is not new, how you have to drive everywhere, there is nothing around etc.etc. but what she said that was so interesting was how amazing being in down town Toronto was, just going where ever with her daughter, stopping for a coffee etc.etc. things that us carless, childless people probably take for granted, so this is Athena, leaving the suburbs.

I have been doing a bunch of new sketches, newer work /ideas and also for a GREAT commission, hope to have some of that work posted by Tuesday for you to see. Also, you'd better go check out, "The Mill" if you are a fan of creepy horror films, ghosts and that strange feeling that you get right before someone taps you on the shoulder in the dark, well, this is the show for you - and the rest of the plays in the series. I'm going to go see them all.

Like I said below, if you want something, I reccomend you buy it now, no ploy for me to make cash, work is selling as soon as I post it, which is great, I am blessed and thankful and I don't want you to miss out for someone's birthday, your own home or Christmas, which is when I am VERY busy.

If you are looking for the image that is on my business card it is in the label "Silver".


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