Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Creatures and Habit

The Keeper of Lost Books SOLD
I Cannot Tell A Lie II
12 x 12 inches, acrylic on canvas
I've been home a lot lately, using facebook as my way to chat with folks, I've been going on my walks , but haven't been very social, I've had a couple of great studio visits and a great time at the Cameron House last week, but I haven't been talking as much as I'm used to.
To be perfectly honest, I like it.
Perhaps I'm reflecting on this as this past weekend is normally associated with gatherings of family's, groups etc. Since my family lives all over the globe I don't think Thanksgiving was ever all that important. Currently it's not a holiday that affects me at "work", I don't get it "off" as most folks do. It's just another day that the bank isn't open, but for those who look forward to those gatherings I hope that you had a great long weekend and reminded yourself to be thankful for at least one thing, or perhaps got everyone who was at your Table to donate some money to a charity.
I may take about this when I post later on this evening but I have to say, if you are whinging, if you are not improving your space (whatever space it is, work, life, health etc.), if you aren't trying new things, life is gonna find you and it is going to be cruel to you.

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