Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Current Obsession

I do not hide my love of Dollarama, I always drop in to dollar stores to check on their stocks of plastic farm and jungle animals, I also have an obsession with the small kids letter blocks that are sold at Dollar Stores. I went in to a nearby Dollarama to see if they had any air hardening clay, I was thinking of just having some fun (for once) and sculpting some figures, when LO! what is this ? Tiny wooden airplanes and vehicles for one dollar each ? Don't bother looking for any bi-planes I got them all. The longer part of this story is that a guy I know gave me two large boxes FULL of wooden toy parts and they've been in the studio for a bunch of months gathering dust, what I hope to do is somehow combine these kits with the other bits I have to create some crazy hybrid wooden toys or as the other artists call it "sculpture". (file under; Stay tuned, Peter Pan complex)



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