Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Coffee Dogs and Friends

Top, A Cup of Blackbirds, Gideon (commission), Lady with An Axe IV, Coffee Dogs
all images are 12 x 12 inches, acrylic on canvas
$120.00- $140.00

I feel like I've been away from here for awhile, but really it's only been about eight days, I gave myself a couple of days to relax and do nothing (bloody impossible) , I was also down at "the Shop" for a day building more frames for the show at the Press Club in December. I suppose I should mention that this year, things are being done a little differently, I will NOT be having my yearly show at the Cameron House this November instead it WILL be in May, it's been moved due to some scheduling changes that involve everything from Nuit Blanche, to the refurbishing of the ants, and another Cameron House announcement that I'll save for a later date to talk about here. So The Press Club from, I believe the First week of December, (the Opening will be Saturday the 5th, hopefully this won't muck up your Christmas Party) to the end of January, the show will also be hung "salon style" and hopefully every piece there (under the 20" size) will be framed.
We are making great use of the stack of 12 x12's that I purchased some months ago in the summer (July?) there have been commissions for kids letters (see "the alphabet shoppe" in links) and also requested art. The piece "Gideon" is a character from a novel by a local author that hangs in her study as inspiration - very touched to be asked to do this. There were originally three "Lady with An Axe " pieces but this was the only one I liked, I'll have to fix the other two and post them, they will be joining their friends, "the Woman who Loved her Piano" and the "Woman with Wings" on vacation from here for at least at year, just to continue moving forward, I've been working with those images since last September, they deserve a break, unless commissioned of course. Coffee Dogs is a song by Kevin Quain that I woke up with stuck in my head, which was a great relief as I usually wake up with some strange song like, "From A Distance" or "Black Velvet" and then "Cup of Blackbirds" was done just to make me smile.
A.Shay Hahn
If you are interested in purchasing any work or commissioning a piece I cannot stress how much you should do this before December gets here, I cannot gurantee that any of the images you see here will be available for purchase at the Press Club, the displayed work vanished from the walls in minutes. If there is something you can't live without or would like to buy as a gift - buy now.

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