Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Canadian/ Colombian Girl and some tiny red airplanes

Three Red Airplanes,
acrylic on canvas, 22,5 x 1o inches
three 6 x6 canvases in reclaimed wood frame

Canadian / Colombian Girl, 12 x 12 inches, acrylic on canvas, commission

from the ongoing series, "The Canadian Girl Project"

Good Morning Shoppers it's 4:30 am and I'm wide awake. Let me tell you something, if you don't know me personally, for the past four years I've been a morning person, I will gladly and happily get up at 7 am if it means having more hours of good light during the day to paint and go for my daily walks. The night life holds little interest to me, I've been out and done that, I'd rather be working or going to the Theatre, or catching a band in the early evening, that's just how I am, no fighting it.

So I should be thrilled to be awake at this hour, correct ? Wrong , what accompanies getting up early is going to bed early and that hasn't happened yet, not without a couple of (failed) attempts. Tonight, I failed "sleeping", that has got to be bad news.

Recently there have been a couple of changes in my life that have skewed my schedule, personal things that I won't get into here (go to my links section and read the blog, "Adventures in Schnooville" if you want real emotional honesty) my problems are like that game you played during the obstacle course on Play Day in Public School where you'd put your fore head on a baseball bat and spin around in a circle and then have to run in a straight line, but imagine that there is a phrase written on the ground that I read as I'm spinning, I'll let you guess what that is. I had no other choice but to change something, it made me look like an a** to someone but better now than later when it will really hurt or worse, it remains a situation that drags on and does not change. I'll take my lumps and be referred to as a bad person, it's not the first time that's happened (ask anyone) , this was the right thing to do, no amount of talking would change it, like I said before, that's the way I am, no fightin' it.

Anyways, the above image of red airplanes would be great for a kid's room, (I am now playing interior decorator and telling you where to put things in order to speed Sales along - on that note, the long"Small Towns" would look great beside a dining room table above the sideboard or whatever that piece of furniture is called where stuff for the table is kept) and the new "Canadian Girl" was a commission from a friend for his daughter's first birthday, she is Can/ombian, I love the primary colours of the Colombian Flag they really pop and I think it will be great for the child's room, I also imagine this is an image that will stay with her as she grows up, I'm sure of it - and that makes me very happy. Please don't make me explain "commissions" again.

A.S. Hahn


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