Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Angel of Carpenters

The Angel of Carpenters,
12 x 24 inches, acrylic on canvas
I completed this piece last night, sometime after midnight, I'd been working off and on with it for a couple of weeks, people ask how I paint so fast, the answer is that I don't, I usually have about eight or nine concepts, block ins, backgrounds, sketches etc. that I'm working on all at once, smaller things have a better chance of getting finished first, so if you finish three and post them on the day they are done people tend to imagine you did all three in one day, this simply is not true. A good way to track this (not that anyone cares) would be to follow some of the process shots I post here and then see when they pop up as finished, to make this easier for you folks at home I have recently deleted several of the process shot entries.
Actually I did that because I'm pretty damn sure those paintings were crap and I would just destroy them anyway, I destroy alot of my work, it doesn't upset me in the least, I keep the ones that are good, I'll keep them for two years or so, I'll even negotiate the price, but I refuse to be one of those painters with a house full of old work, if it isn't a success I'll kill it off or donate it to a theatre auction.
I'm not worried about, The Angel of Carpenters, it will sell, probably by the end of the week. That's not bragging, but what do I know, I've been awake for twenty hours.
A.S Hahn
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