Sunday, August 02, 2009


The Moon, from the Tryptych, "The Sun, The Moon and The Wolves"

acrylic on canvas, 12 x 12 inches

$140.00 each. Tryptych $400.00

Taking a short break from the "Desolation Row" series to explore some other recent thoughts. As always I return to my Theatrical background - over the years as a scenic artist I painted many back drops and scrims, I always loved the more artificial aspects of the Theatre, large props, backdrops, heightened costume so I thought I'd spend some time here indulging that love, most contemporary Theatre I did was just "brown wash" work, I probably made new wood look like old more times than I care to count - it's what most strongly identified to the audience that it was a Canadian project - it was brown, usually involved a secret from the past and there was a joke every three lines of dialogue or so, Daniel McIvor wrote a short piece crucyfying this mode, though I forget what the piece was called.

Recently Curry's had a huge sale, spend $50.00 get $10.00 off, I cleaned out the Queen location and the Dundas location of their 12 x 12 canvases as it's my favourite size, (see top photo) this is where they reside. I posted a photo on Fbook and was contacted by a friend in Vancouver who said to write her name on the back of the 10 th and the 18 th canvases and when I got to them I would mail them to her. This, I think is a great way to do business, so feel free to request a number. It also led to a new extension, which is popular on some blogs that illustrators frequent called, "Illustration Friday" where a word is given and then people illustrate and post to the blog. I don't participate as I have never been one to join anything, this sometimes is a disadvantage, but I prefer just managing my own blogs. If you would like a word illustrated, similar to the above image you may contact me here with the word, it will be painted in a different alphabet, but it will be our secret. Each piece will be $140.00, triptychs $400.00
enjoy your long weekend,
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