Tuesday, July 21, 2009

50 Posts in 50 Days, #30, A Field Story Pt.II The Trial

A Field Story, Pt.II The Trial
series of six 12 x 12 inch canvases, acrylic
I'd been wanting to do another "Field Story" series, not only was the response to the first piece immediate and overwhelmingly positive (sold the day I finished it also) I very much enjoyed the concept. A month or so ago I tried to do another, but realized I had no idea what it was about and scrapped the plans, after recently spending some time hanging around in a law firm the idea came quite quickly, take the last field story (see tags) and try to advance what had happened, vague as that is.

The first series implies that there was a murder of some kind, a sinister incident that took place in the country, observed by one character, who was titled "The Witness", there was an investigation of some kind, and now "The Witness" occupies the top panel of the new series as, "The Accused".
This idea appeals to me greatly to do an almost episodically linked series of works, so now I am eager to begin the next "chapter" of the series. Stay tuned.

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