Sunday, August 09, 2009

The Man Who Loved...cont'd

The Boy Who Loved Airplanes
12 x 12 inches, acrylic on canvas

It's been a marathon day in the studio, actually the entire weekend has been wonderful. Lots of work coming quickly and feeling great as I lay it in, the being said I do have to tweak the head on this guy a little bit, but no big deal. There is also a second, "Man Who Loved Guitars" that I thought I could finish but his suit and pose was driving me to distraction and a very complicated 12 x 36 with many figures that is going to take some time. Grey suits, summer weight seem to be on my mind, it was one thing I wanted to buy for myself this summer, a nice weight summer suit, with beige shoes, but that money has since been allocated to other purchases, and this summer has been the dogs breakfast, so maybe next year.
I've been taking my breaks and going through a recent purchase which collects all of Norman Rockwell's covers for the Saturday Evening Post and looking through his sketches, photos of his second studio and getting into his work, not for the subject but I do dress my figures in 30's - 4o's styled clothes for the most part. Of course I gasp at the detail in the work, but consisitently remind myself that the average size of his work was around 48 x 36 inches, and he had lots of room to paint every dint and scuff on a leather shoe, where the average size of a man's head in my paintings is 1 inch. So maybe I'm asking for some sympathy after these long days.
Tuesday, I'll have some more news and info about where you can see some work in Toronto.
enjoy the storm,

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