Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Comic Updates!

Hey there everyone just wanted to let you know the progress of the second issues.
 The Homeless G-Men #2 is completely coloured and most of the words have been added, I'll just be tweaking the dialogue, checking my spelling and making sure all of the jokes are as funny as can be.
Crypto Zombic #2- I still have to colour four or five pages of the issue and add the dialogue. The front cover needs tweaking and the back cover at the point of writing does not exist.
Battle Rally #2 (see picture above) I have five more pages to draw and then it will be time to colour and add dialogue to the whole books, both covers are done (and they're awesome) and I have to write the intro page still.
In sum. I am in a great place to have all three books finished and ready for proofing by the first week of July then they're off to the printers. The usual turn around time is seven weeks (including shipping) so I should have all three books in early September available for purchase.
If you want the books sent to you check me out here.

Also I will have announcements coming in the next couple of weeks about in store appearances, signings and conventions. so keep on checking in
A.Shay Hahn

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