Saturday, October 11, 2014

Abstract Paintings, Process, Preambles

(all the above shots are process pieces not finished paintings)
I've been back in the studio finishing the series of abstracts that I began seven months ago. It does feel a little strange coming back to work on the pieces after a break but on the other hand some of the exploratory work I'm doing with them (using different brushes, colours etc) got my really excited to start moving the mud around.
These are for my yearly show at the Cameron House, there will be a closing party instead of an opening (only due to scheduling) and the work will be hung on the First of November, there's already a huge interest in two or three of the pieces which is nice coming into, specifically because this is my first show of abstracts and also this will be my first show in a long while where the work is priced high. Usually I show a lot of smaller works, I have always been a fan of small works but this time I really wanted the pieces to dominate with small numbers and big sizes. Each piece is 30x30 inches which is very large for me, I have done work this size in the past and felt comfortable with the 30x30 size but have never done a whole show of work in this format.
I am enjoying exploring my relation to colour for this show, I've always loved blue but I had no idea how much, this will become more apparent as more photos are posted over the next couple of weeks, it's an interesting process and best expressed in the process shots. which I'll try to post every two days or so.
Back down to the studio, have an excellent Thanksgiving weekend
A.Shay Hahn

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