Monday, March 31, 2014

Gull City Grid

Here are twenty four citizens of Gull City who will be hung "Sardi's style" at the Press Club (850 Dundas West) tomorrow. There will be a small, "Meet the Artist" (me) on Thursday, April 3rd from 7-9pm and the Ron Leary Sextet plays after that, he may have an opening act I'm not sure.
Today is a day of rest, I have cards printed, some advanced promo cards that I'm taking over to the Press Club tonight and some more promoting to do online but I've got to take it easy today.
 This show came together so quickly my head is spinning.
I had been working on these drawing for a couple months with the intention of eventually scanning them into the computer and use them to learn the inking program on Manga Studio 5. I was offered the month at the Press Club and realized that it would be a great venue to transform completely and give it an old Hollywood looking vibe so I began inking and drawing everyday. There are at least twelve completed sketches that didn't make the cut and almost twenty that only made it to the penciling stage and then were abandoned so I believe I have just over forty completed drawings, we'll see how many I get up on the walls.
All drawings are original (no prints), framed and are $25.00 each with all the proceeds going to the printing costs of my first comic, "The Homeless G-Men" so come on by and have a look on Tuesday if you can't make it on Thursday or drop by sometime this month.
all the best, the sun is out
A.Shay Hahn

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