Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Large Abstract Pieces WIP

The past couple of days have been great (except for the first picture, that poor bastard took a beating this morning) for getting a better sense of direction with these pieces. Paintings Two, Three, Five and Six are really coming together, the first is way behind the others but I haven't worked on it as often as the others and Number Four has a lot of great stuff going on but it's subtle and you can't see much from this photo.
Went to the Artist Project on the weekend down at the Better Living Centre, last time I'm going to do that, I'd seen most of the artists already over the years at the Outdoor Arts Fest and it's fourteen dollars admission to see work that really isn't that great, I do have a list of the four or five artists whose work I think is worth checking out online I'll get that up here when I find it. I don't mean to slag the event but I think that if you have the cash for the $2000.00 entry free you are pretty much guaranteed a booth so you also have to cover those costs in your prices and I didn't see that many red dots when I was there.
A.Shay Hahn

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