Monday, February 10, 2014

A Song About One of My Murals

Here's a post from Corin Raymond by Rob Varmeyer about his show at the Cameron House this Thursday

"Hey all my good peoples! Especially my Toronto peoples. I am very stoked to perform my favourite truck tunes at the Cameron House Thursday Feb. 13 in Corin Raymond the Sundowners famous 6-8pm slot. David Baxter will join me on guitar and Jay Swinnerton on piano. Somehow I know it...'s just gonna blow the tires off and leave those little strips of rubber that you see all along the highways of this land. We'll be covering some classic country truckin' music by Red Sovine, Dell Reeves, Dave Dudley and Stompin' Tom among others. I'll also be playing a number of my own very Canadian folk tunes including "Ol' Fort Mac" and "Alludeme" (Spanish for "Help Me") which was inspired by the mural by A. Shay Hahn that graces the very walls of the Cameron front room. Ghost cats, doves with dynamite and Mariachi skeletons. So if you're as enamoured of trucks and songs about them as I am, or just good art and music with only the one degree of separation, tending toward zero, then I will see you there. If you're a trucker and come down to the show, I'll buy you a beer. Until then, keep the rubber side down and the shiny side up. No cover, PWYC."

    So come on down to the Cameron if you like songs about trucks and murals.
A.Shay Hahn

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