Thursday, January 23, 2014

Large Abstracts 1-6, WIP

I've started working on two more large abstracts, a 30x30 and another 30x40. I apologize for the photos I need more light coming over my left shoulder to get better pics. I am really enjoying the discovery and process of working on these pieces, I wasn't in a rut with my figurative work and I'm not abandoning it at all, this is just a necessary change. I need to push in a different direction, work some other colours, I also love abstract work, we have a beautiful small Janna Watson in our living room and also a great Robert Chandler piece that I traded with him a bunch of years ago.
It takes a  lot to impress me when I see other figurative work by artists but when I'm in a gallery I spend the most time looking at abstract work, trying to figure out the thought process, technique, how they knew when to stop, why they didn't put a dog in it etc. so this is a great chance for me to answer those questions for myself.
I'm also going to start using some high viscosity acrylics instead of thicker out of the tub acrylic, I think I'll be able to get some better gestural work using a thinner paint (minus all of the drips that come from thinning down tub paint).
I think I'll take tomorrow to work exclusively on the two newest pieces and see how they develop.
A.Shay Hahn

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