Sunday, December 01, 2013

Now Showing at Super Jet Int'l

All pieces are acrylic on canvas
first five are 20x20 inches,
lifejackets are 24x24 inches,
$400.00 each
We are proud to say that you can now visit these paintings at Super Jet Int'l which is at 346 Dupont Str. between Howland and Spadina. Head on over and check them out they are up for the whole month, then maybe wander down to Snakes and Lattes and see my work there and until Sunday December 8th you can then wander to the Cameron House and see my work. Lookit that I just gave you a whole art walk that you can do - start with a coffee (maybe the coveted David Lynch brand) at Super Jet then go to Snakes to play some games and have some food then head to the Cameron House for beers and live music.
Many thanks to my twin John for letting me hang in his space, I will be there at least once a week for the month of December follow me on twitter to find out when!
A.Shay Hahn

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