Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Return of Prometheus (terrible photo)

12x12inches, acrylic on canvas
I actually had to do some research before committing to this piece, I went back and check five years of the blog, every single post to make sure I hadn't done this piece before and much to my surprise I hadn't, even the first two "Prometheus" paintings way back in the show "Silver" (see labels) were different, that made me very happy I never repeat myself, I'll change the location the hair, the clothes but I'll never do the same piece twice.
Unfortunately I am not at all happy with this photo, my super smart digital camera looks for faces and details automatically to focus on and was just too stupid to focus on her butt.

Here's a couple of quick snaps from Montreal the first is a cute little print (artist unknown, looks like it says, "D.O" that I bought in Mile End at this great print/curiosity shop (I can't find the card) we bought a piece there on our honeymoon so it was great to find something else, I'll post the name when I find it. Also here is the Dale Chihuly tree out front of the the Museum of art.
cheers, its a beautiful day to have lunch with your Mum
A.Shay Hahn

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