Monday, September 16, 2013

Snakes and Lattes, paintings and games

(from Top Left) Twenty Five Retired Superfolk $300.00, Woman With an Axe 1 & 2 $160.00 each, Bird Houses, Wolf $160.00 each, Execute $300.00, Bullshit Gauges $40.00each, Ray Guns! small $40.00 each, Ray Gun! $120.00
Twenty Five Bandit Children $300.00, Consume $300.00, Bullshit/ Calm Gauge $40.00 each, Deep Sea Diver with Drum/ Brave Pilot $160.00each, Ray Guns! $120.00 each
Have you ever walked into a place and just felt right at home and instantly comfortable? I think it's a hard feeling to come by these days but the second I walked into Snakes & Lattes (600 Bloor Street West, just west of Bathurst, thanks mom for pointing out my mistake) I knew I was in a great spot. The folks there are friendly and have a great time chatting and working, I am thrilled to be showing work there for the next twelve weeks.
Here's a link to their sight where you can see what game tournaments are coming up and all the cool happenings 
If there is a piece you like be sure to buy it soon, the response was already incredibly positive so if you have your eye on something hanging there better get in touch.
back to the basement,
A.Shay Hahn

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