Thursday, September 26, 2013

Brave Pilot II and Crap Dog Owners

Brave Pilot II
10x12 inches, acrylic on canvas
for the Cameron House in November.
I've sold paintings to all kinds of people over the years, every age, sex, colour,  income bracket, and profession but today I realized that I've finally found a person/group who I will not sell my work to. Crappy dog owners who drive me and my dog nuts in the park will never own an original A.Shay Hahn.
If a dog is off leash and he/she  isn't supposed to be and my dog is on his leash I am now in charge of your dog and mine and you are going to hear about it in very colourful terms. No matter your income bracket. age, sex or profession, you have given up control of your animal and I will remind you of this, I don't care if you feel you don't like my language, you've missed the point already.
Good lord, this makes me nuts.
So shove off bad dog owners, there is nothing here for you to see.
A.Shay Hahn

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