Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Cameron House, planning the invasion

I have over thirty four canvases planned for the November show at the Cameron House, this may be my biggest show yet. I've had a good few days/nights in the studio working off of sketches and references and things are really coming along nicely.
I have yet to finish anything, even the Axe Girl and Pitchfork Woman are not yet complete, I'm working on two or three pieces at a time, switching them out and working on two or three more. It's so crazy that I've started using some older canvases as palettes.
I've also received a few contacts for other work, commissions and designs, two of which were very interesting to me and two that would be impossible to fit into my schedule right now but hopefully could come back to in the spring.
It feels great to get busy again, if you have any questions I am always available at the address below.
It's time for a cold tinny of Beck's on the back porch
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