Friday, May 31, 2013

The Press Club/ Cameron House news

Jimmy Byron mourns the loss of artwork
I have taken down the Anniversary Sale at the Press Club and also the "dedicated wall". This is going to be a very busy summer I have several projects on the go that are going to have me working at home in the studio or writing on the back porch and it's best that someone else take the space. I won't be in the West End that often so it's time to close down the dedicated wall for awhile.
Lucky for you the person who will be hanging in the "dedicated" area is Jack Breakfast! He'll have his great shots of birds up on the wall and they are priced to sell. Many thanks to the Hickey Bros. Veronika, Ian Philp and of course Jimmy for their support over the years.
Starting next Thursday I'll be doing a large figure based mural inside the Cameron House, I'm drawing and designing it right now and let me say, it's going to be fun. There will be skeletal mariachi, ants, flying records and musical instruments, flowers, sticks of dynamite it's going to be nuts. The mural will be up until around September so keep coming back here to see it progress. In other Cameron House news, Cameron Street will be closed and turned into an outdoor venue on the 15 & 16th,read about that here
Very proud of Cosmo and McQ and all the great stuff that Cameron House Records are doing.
if you have any questions about commissions or the work that was at the Press Club, send me an email at the contact below.
A.Shay Hahn

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